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Find the answers to your frequently asked questions about John Lewis Insurance.

John Lewis Insurance is part of the John Lewis Partnership and offers a range of products to help you protect your home, car, pet, wedding, event, holiday and life. Our products come with all the high standards and excellent customer service you've come to expect from the John Lewis Partnership.

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We keep a full list of contact details for all our services. You can find the telephone numbers and web forms for each product in contact us.

Just call or email the customer service team for the service you need and request the format you want your documents in. See contact details for John Lewis Insurance services to contact us.

You can use the relay service provided by the Royal National Institute for Deaf People (RNID). Just dial 18001 before the number you want to call. Most of our services don't have a separate text phone facility.

John Lewis plc is a registered data user under the Data Protection Act. We treat all your personal information as confidential and keep it on a secure server to make sure that it’s protected to the highest standards.

John Lewis Insurance uses the most up-to-date version of the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol to protect all the personal information you provide. This means that it’s encrypted while in transit and can't be read by anyone else.

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At John Lewis Insurance, we're committed to providing outstanding customer service. If you're unhappy with the products or services you've received, or you've got a problem you'd like us to sort out for you, contact us so that we can put things right.

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You get extra benefits for paying with your partnership card, just as you do when shopping in John Lewis and Waitrose. You can earn one point for every £1 spent when you purchase from John Lewis Insurance using your partnership card.

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Unfortunately we’re unable to accept vouchers as payment for our services.

The registered address of John Lewis Insurance is:

171 Victoria Street

See our other contact details

If you're having difficulty using our website, contact our service team.

If you:

  • are having trouble viewing pages on our website
  • need advice on using our website with a screenreader, or
  • need instructions on increasing text size and using our site without a mouse

see our accessibility information.

I'm a myWaitrose or my John Lewis customer and purchased a policy with a voucher offer. When will my vouchers arrive?

If you have recently purchased a policy following a promotion which included a voucher offer, your vouchers will arrive within 60 days of the date you purchased the policy, following the 14 day statutory cancellation period.

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) recently announced that Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) will increase from 6% to 9.5% from 1 November 2015.

This is a government-led initiative which will be implemented by all insurance providers, including John Lewis Insurance.

This will affect the premium price for John Lewis Home, Pet, Car and Wedding Insurance, affecting both new customers and existing customers who are renewing their policies.

For further details of these price changes, you can speak to one of our Customer services team - please visit our contact us page.