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John Lewis Insurance product Buying guides

Take a look at our product Buying guides...

Home insurance covers the cost of repairing or rebuilding your home, or replacing the contents in it if they’re damaged, lost or stolen. You can insure your building or the contents of your home - or both.

Home Insurance policies vary in how much cover they provide and the price you pay for them.

Our Buying guide will help you find the policy to suit you.

Home insurance is a term used to refer to both contents insurance and buildings insurance.

  • Contents insurance: covers the possessions in your home
  • Buildings insurance: covers the building, including any outbuildings such as sheds

Buildings and contents insurance can be sold separately. However, if you need to make a claim, having buildings and contents insurance from the same insurer helps to make the process easier.

Although home insurance isn’t usually legally required, many mortgage lenders will insist that you have buildings insurance.

Car insurance protects you against responsibility for any expenses if you injure someone or damage their vehicle or other property while driving. In the United Kingdom, it’s compulsory for drivers to have car insurance and the minimum legal requirement is third party insurance.

Third party insurance only covers you against having to pay if you injure someone or damage their vehicle or other property, but won't pay to repair damage to your car.

Third party, fire and theft cover will also pay to repair or replace your own car if it is stolen, or damaged or destroyed by fire.

The most commonly purchased option is comprehensive cover. Comprehensive cover pays to repair damage to your car, including windscreens, in addition to all of the cover described above.