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Frequently asked questions...

Find the answers to frequently asked questions about John Lewis Specialist Home Insurance.

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What is Specialist Home Insurance?

Specialist Home Insurance is designed for customers with high value homes, contents or valuables. It also covers listed buildings or timber framed, cob and thatched homes, as well as those with a modern construction. We can also offer cover for second, holiday, buy to let and overseas homes.

Should I choose Specialist Home Insurance?

Yes, if you are insuring a high value home or high value contents or valuables. Choose Specialist Home Insurance for listed buildings or modern construction, timber framed, cob or thatched homes. If you have a second, holiday, buy to let or overseas home, Specialist Home is designed for your needs.

Is this a 'new for old' policy?

Yes, this is why the amount your contents are insured for must represent the cost of replacing all your contents and personal effects as new.

Is Accidental Damage included?

Yes, the policy automatically includes Accidental Damage Cover for buildings and contents.

Are my golf clubs covered while in my car?

Yes, the limit for loss or damage to property from an unattended motor vehicle is £15,000.

The policy also provides the following cover for golfers:

  • Cover for golf buggies and electric golf trolleys, including any liability that may arise while using these on a golf course.
  • Legal liability for injury to third parties while on the golf course and for accidental damage to third party property.
  • We'll pay you £500 if you get a hole in one during a golf competition.
  • If your golf clubs are lost or damaged whole you're playing overseas, we'll pay for the cost of hiring replacement clubs, up to £25 per day and £250 in total.
  • Do you insure laptop computers?

    Yes. Laptops are covered up to £3,000 each. If the data stored on your computer or other electronic equipment are lost, we’ll pay the cost of reinstating the lost data up to £5,000.

    Computers, laptops, software, printers, scanners, photocopiers, other equipment and office furniture owned by you or your family, and used in your business are covered up to £20,000 under the Contents section.

    Will my swimming pool and hot tub be covered?

    Yes, the buildings section will include your swimming pool and hot tub, if these are permanent fixtures.

    The policy also covers the buildings of your home and its walls, fences, gates, hedges, driveways, steps, terraces, patios, ornamental ponds, fountains, hard tennis courts and even wind turbines used for domestic purposes on the same site. Underground services, inspection hatches, service tanks and covers all supplying your home are all included too.

    Are the contents of my outbuildings covered?

    Yes, the contents of garages and outbuildings are covered. However, restrictions apply to open-sided outbuildings. Outdoor items such as garden statues, furniture and flower containers kept in the garden are also covered up to £10,000.

    Do I have any liability cover included in my Contents Policy?

    Yes, if your contents are insured, you are covered for occupiers', personal and employers' liability up to £10 million. You'll also be covered for liability arising from the use of quad bikes, go-karts, off-road motorcycles and hand or wind propelled watercraft. 


    If your buildings are insured, then you'll be covered for property owners' liability, including the ownership of land.

    If you are a tenant, cover is also provided for tenant's liability for damage caused to buildings and for unrecovered damages that you may be awarded by a court.


    Are my child's belongings covered while they're at college or university?

    Yes, the possessions of student members of your family who are temporarily living away from home at school, college or university are covered up to £15,000.

    Will you insure the belongings of an elderly relative who lives with us?

    Yes, the policy covers the belongings of all members of your family who permanently live with you, including your spouse, partner, children, parents and other relatives.

    There is also cover up to £15,000 for loss or damage to contents belonging to your dependent parents or grandparents who are living in a nursing home or residential care home.

    My property isn't a standard brick or stone house with a slate or tiled roof. Can you insure it?

    Yes, we can provide a quotation if your home is constructed with materials other than the standard brick and stone, slates or tiles. We can also help you if you are insuring a listed building. When insuring a listed building, ensuring you have enough cover in the event of a loss is important and should be considered with care.

    If I use my home for my business, am I still covered?

    Yes, provided you tell us about the nature of your business. We automatically include cover for office equipment and office furniture, up to £20,000 and for supplies and stock used in connection with your business, up to £10,000.

    Reinstatement of lost business data is also covered up to £15,000.

    Full details are contained in the policy booklet.

If I have an emergency at home, will you be able to help me?

Yes, we offer a Home Emergency Service, which means we’ll send a tradesman to your home to fix the problem in question. We’ll pay for the cost of the call-out, labour costs, parts and materials up to £1500 per incident. This service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

How much should my fine art, antiques, jewellery and watches be insured for?

Fine art, antiques, jewellery and watches should be insured for the full market value or cost of replacement, whichever is greater.

Because the market value and cost of replacing these items is likely to fluctuate, we recommend that you review their value regularly and get professional guidance.

The value of a painting can often increase following the death of the artist and it can take some months to establish this new value. That's why the amount you’re insured for under ‘fine art’ will be automatically increased by up to £50,000 for six months following the death of the artist.

To help you when you make a new purchase, we'll automatically increase the sum insured by up to 20% for 60 days following a purchase. Once you've established the value of a new purchase, you'll just need to let us know, so we can adjust your policy accordingly.

When do you require a valuation?

Valuations are usually required for:

  • Jewellery and watches worth more than £10,000
  • Fine art and antiques worth more than £20,000

If you have a collection, you only need a valuation for individual objects that exceed these values.

Detailed valuations and purchase receipts will help make sure you're adequately covered. Keep these document safe, along with photographs, as they can help with the recovery or replacement of your treasured items.

What does 'All risks, worldwide' cover mean?

This means that your contents, personal effects, fine art, antiques, jewellery and watches are insured against loss or damage - including accidental damage - while you’re at home or anywhere in the world. This does not include exclusions to your policy.

What do you mean by 'personal effects'?

Personal effects are generally expected to include property that is normally worn or carried by, on or about the person. This might include clothing, spectacles, mobile phones, portable personal computers, musical instruments, sports equipment or pedal cycles.

I think the security at my home is OK but want some advice. Can you help?

Yes, of course. We can provide you with home security advice or we can put you in touch with specialist security consultants, if required. We also have a team of risk management surveyors, who are available to visit your home to give help and guidance on security measures. They can also give advice on securing your home when you're away for long periods or protecting your home from fire or extreme weather conditions. 

Will I be covered when I move house?

Yes, we will pay for loss or damage to contents, art and antiques that occurs during a household removal in the UK, provided it's undertaken by professional removal contractors.

Did we answer your question? If you’re still unsure or would like to ask us a question not listed here, please contact us.

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