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Why do I need wedding insurance?

Compared with choosing the rings, the venue and the clothes, arranging wedding insurance doesn’t quite hold the same romance. But the important thing to remember is that as soon as you start spending any money on the big day you’re in a vulnerable position.

John Brady, Head of Commercial at John Lewis Insurance tells us what Wedding Insurance can protect against and why you shouldn’t leave it too late to arrange your cover.

Q&A with John Brady

Q. What’s your background and what experience do you have in providing information about Wedding Insurance?

A. I've worked in financial services for 20 years, including banking, credit cards and insurance. The last five have been spent at the John Lewis Partnership, where I’ve helped to launch and develop John Lewis Insurance, including our personal insurance cover for cars, travel, pets, homes, events and of course, weddings. As a married man myself I also understand how much financial, organisational and emotional investment is involved in arranging your big day.

Q. What does John Lewis Wedding Insurance cover?

A. John Lewis Wedding Insurance covers you if you’re forced to cancel or postpone your wedding, if it's inappropriate to continue with the ceremony and it's not due to a pre-existing medical condition. All your wedding essentials could also be protected against loss, theft or failure of suppliers, including the wedding presents and cake; flowers, transport and photographs arranged for the ceremony; and even wedding outfits and wedding rings.

Q. How do I choose the correct level of Wedding Insurance?

A. You should choose your level of Wedding Insurance based on Cancellation Cover. The amount you are spending on your wedding should be approximately the same as the Cancellation Cover level.

Q. How can John Lewis Wedding Insurance help to replace photographs?

A. If your wedding photos can’t be printed because the film, negatives or any digital media that was used has been damaged, John Lewis Wedding Insurance could pay for a photographer to re-shoot with the wedding party. Since this might incur costs such as wedding suit hire, our policy could cover those too.

Q. When is the best time to arrange Wedding Insurance cover?

A. As soon as you start to pay deposits for any part of the wedding, such as the venue or wedding dress, you should make sure you’re covered. Since booking these things tends to happen quite early on in the planning process, it's best to look into wedding insurance as soon as you start making plans.

Quotation MarksWedding Insurance can be an after-thought for lots of couples planning on tying the knot, but it does mean there's one less thing to worry about.Quotation Marks

Q. Can John Lewis Wedding Insurance offer protection for those planning small weddings as well as larger ones?

A. Of course. We understand that weddings are as individual as the couples involved. That’s why we provide cover for weddings that cost anything between £10,000
and £100,000.

Q. Can John Lewis Wedding Insurance ensure a couple’s big day
goes smoothly?

A. It’s important to explain that Wedding Insurance can’t work magic, such as preventing a downpour on the day or the bride from tripping up on the aisle. What John Lewis Wedding Insurance could do is protect the money you spend on the wedding and help cover the costs should you need to cancel or rearrange it, if it's inappropraite to continue with the ceremony and it is nto due to a pre-existing medical condition. 

Don’t lose out if the prospective marriage or civil partners, a close relative or member of the wedding party falls ill, your cancellation costs will be reimbursed if it is inappropriate to continue the ceremony and it is not due to a pre-existing medical condition.

Q. Do couples need to get special cover if their wedding
involves a marquee?

A. That’s always a good idea. Since marquee weddings are becoming increasingly popular, John Lewis Wedding Insurance offers the option of special marquee cover. This part of the policy also covers gazebos and those who choose to have their wedding at home.

Q. Would a couple planning on getting married abroad need to arrange wedding insurance?

A. It’s always advisable to ensure you’re insured when you go away, but if you’re getting married abroad then it’s doubly important to check that you’re covered. John Lewis Wedding Insurance cover weddings and civil partnership ceremonies in the UK and abroad. All you have to do is take out our Overseas Wedding Cover Option in addition to our main Wedding Insurance policy. We also offer comprehensive Travel Insurance, which will cover your entire wedding trip - and your honeymoon too.

Q. What are the main things couples can do to protect the money they spend on their wedding?

A. Most couples will feel overwhelmed with to-do lists as the big day approaches – never mind the emotional upheaval. However, there are a few things they should try to be mindful of to ensure all that planning
isn’t compromised:

  • Always get contracts in writing
  • Get receipts for all payments you make
  • Make sure you know when each full payment is due, to ensure you don’t lose deposits or suppliers
  • Confirm everything with suppliers a month before the wedding
  • Get supplier recommendations before booking anything
  • And finally, if the size and cost of your wedding escalates unexpectedly, don’t forget to adjust your wedding insurance accordingly.

For further tips and advice, please see our quick guide (PDF).

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