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Personal belongings cover

If you’re heading off on holiday, you’ve probably charged your digital camera, packed most of your new summer wardrobe and maybe even bought an iPad for the plane.

But most people don’t realise quite how much their luggage is worth and how much it would cost to replace it if it was lost,
stolen or damaged.

John Brady, Head of Commercial at John Lewis Insurance, answers your questions on Personal Belongings Cover and what it protects you from when you’re travelling.

Q&A with John Brady

Q. What’s your background and what experience do you have in providing advice about Travel Insurance?

A. I've worked in financial services for 20 years, including banking, credit cards and insurance. The last five have been spent at the John Lewis Partnership, where I’ve helped to launch and develop John Lewis Insurance, including our personal insurance cover for cars, weddings, pets, homes, events and of course, travel. I love travelling and seeing new places, but know how important it is to stay safe as you explore the world.

Quotation MarksTourists are often easy targets for thieves, as they stand out and have several valuable items on them.Quotation Marks

Q. What is Personal Belongings Cover?

A. With Personal Belongings Cover, your personal items including your luggage, things you’re carrying or wearing and your valuables, will be financially protected if they’re lost, stolen or damaged.

Q. Why do I need it?

A. Most people don’t realise how much their luggage is worth. Your outfit alone could be worth £500 and once you start considering audio devices, jewellery and cameras, the cost dramatically increases. If you have to replace your personal items, you’ll be entitled to up to £2,500 towards replacing
your belongings.

Q. Does the amount I can claim depend on the level of cover I have?

A. Yes, our Travel Insurance offer three levels of cover: Essential, Plus and Premier. With Plus you can claim up to £1,500 and with Premier up to £2,500.

With Essential you can claim up to £500 if you’ve chosen the optional Personal Belongings Cover and paid the additional amount.

We also offer Technology Cover which allows you to increase your single article limit to £1,500.

Q. What is New for Old cover?

A. John Lewis Travel Insurance replaces lost, stolen or damaged belongings with the replacement cost of the item without any deductions based on
wear or tear.

Q. What if I have money or documents stolen?

A. If you have our Plus or Premier Cover you can claim up to £800 for lost, stolen or damaged money and documents. This includes banknotes, coins, admission tickets and the cost of replacing a passport.

The cash limit for Plus is £200 (£50 for under 18s) and £300 (£100 for under 18s) for Premier. If you have Essential Travel Insurance you won’t be covered.

Travel advice

Here’s a few good tips to help protect you and your belongings when
you’re travelling:

  • Check out the area you’re going to and find out if there are any
    crime hotspots
  • Leave valuables you don’t need in your hotel safe
  • Keep your head down and don’t show off your belongings
  • Don’t carry all your cash - only take what you need for the day
  • Split up your belongings so that tickets, money and valuables are in different pockets and bags
  • Take out a good quality Travel Insurance policy

For further tips and advice, please see our quick guide (PDF).

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