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Nothing is guaranteed to spoil a holiday like the loss of a valuable item like a wedding ring or a camera.

Having the right insurance cover gives you peace of mind when valuables get damaged or go missing abroad.

Contact your insurer immediately to report any lost, damaged or stolen items. If your property has been stolen, you should immediately report the theft to the local police, as well as your hotel or tour operator.

One in 100 people in the UK suffer from a nut allergy and if you’re one of them, you’ll be used to dealing with the condition as part of your everyday life.

But when you go on holiday, it’s essential to take extra care if you’re eating unfamiliar food. You’ll also want to know that if something does go wrong, your Travel Insurance covers your existing allergy to nuts or other food.

John Brady, Head of Commercial at John Lewis Insurance answers your questions about food allergies and how this affects your Travel Insurance.