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Keeping receipts

These days we get so used to doing everything online that it seems almost ridiculous that receipts still exist. These small pieces of paper clutter up your wallet, bag and glove compartment, yet when you need one, you can never find them.

Some of us have a box full of receipts, many of which are yellowing and faded. Whilst it’s important to keep your proofs of purchase, it’s just not practical to store them forever.

It’s always a worry that one day you’ll have to claim on your home insurance and you won’t remember everything you own, or even have the proof that you did own it.

Rather than keep the equivalent of a forest full of trees in the cupboard, follow these top tips to de-clutter your house of receipts.

  • It may be time-consuming, but having a proper filing system for your receipts is much easier than shoving them all into a box. 
  • Start by categorising your receipts into Home, Car, Clothing and Disposables (i.e. food, toiletries etc.) and then decide if you need more.
  • With receipts for groceries and other things that don’t last long, keep them until you get your bank statement and then recycle them. 
  • If you pay cash for items, keep your receipts for a couple of months, or until you’ve used the item.
  • Staple the receipt for electrical goods to the warranty and keep them until six months after the warranty expires.
  • Clothing receipts should be kept for at least a month, as most shops offer customers 28 days to return an unworn item.
  • For very expensive items, take photos and store them on your computer. Then you have extra proofs of purchase.
  • Keep electronic receipts in a file of your inbox. You can always download copies to a file on your desktop.
  • If you claim expenses, ask for two receipts and keep the spare copy until the money is in your account.
  • If you’re worried about over spending, there are plenty of software packages and online programmes where you can store all your receipts electronically. You can also see graphs and tables of your expenditure in various categories, which will help you to manage your money more effectively.

John Lewis Home Insurance

We all hope that we’ll never have to make a claim on our home insurance, but sometimes these things happen. Knowing you have a high-quality home insurance policy can help to provide peace of mind, whilst having receipts and proofs of purchase can make your life easier during the claim.

With John Lewis Home Insurance we offer Buildings and Contents Cover as well as Worldwide Personal Possessions Cover.

Accidental Damage Cover is available for when your DIY experiment goes wrong - as well as our 24 hour Home Emergency service.

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