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The perfect holiday

Holidays can lead to arguments - even before you’ve left home. You have to decide where you’re going first and everyone wants to go somewhere different.

Once you finally agree on your destination, you can start planning your break properly. It’s important not to overthink a holiday, but having a general idea of what you want to do and see can make relaxing much easier.

If you’re hoping to jet off this summer, then follow our top tips for the perfect holiday.


Borrow a few guidebooks from the local library or trawl the internet for inspiration. Look up accommodation, restaurants and tourist attractions to get the general idea of the place you’re going to.


Work out how much you want to spend on your holiday, including food, accommodation and travel. Set a budget and stick to it - if you’re going to be out all day do you really need a 5* hotel with ballroom?


Check all passports and EHIC cards are in date. Sort out all currency, pet accommodation, travel documents and insurance a couple of weeks before you leave to avoid last minute issues.


Don’t take your entire wardrobe. Be sensible about your itinerary - if you’re sitting by the pool for a week you won’t need six pairs of shorts! Make sure you have suitable clothes for visiting temples and doing sports.


If your flight’s delayed or you get stuck in traffic, don’t get agitated. Check-in online, leave plenty of time for travelling and stay calm. Getting angry won’t make your plane land any quicker.


You won’t be able to do everything, so choose a few things you definitely want to do/see. Once you’ve done those you can decide what else you have time for.


Take time to learn about a country’s culture and way of life. Respect their customs, laws and beliefs and make sure you are suitably dressed and composed at all times.


If you’re going on holiday with children, try to mix the ‘boring’ activities with some child-friendly outings. Find some family activities you can all enjoy together.


Take photos and buy souvenirs. Immerse yourself in the country and make the most of your holiday. Try new foods, visit unmarked territory and have fun.


Try to find at least one (half) day where you’re chilling out. You’re supposed to be on holiday so don’t rush around trying to fill every waking minute. Take your time and enjoy yourself.

How can John Lewis help?

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