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Spring clean your home

Spring is the traditional time to deep clean your house. Tackling your big spring clean may seem like a daunting task, but set aside one day and follow these tips to make your home sparkle.

  1. Preparation

    Preparation is key. Tidy each room before you start cleaning and make sure you’ve got a complete set of tools. Think about what you’ll need before you start; freeze freezer blocks and collect cooler bags ahead of defrosting the freezer. Choose your day wisely; still, overcast days are best for if you’re cleaning windows, sunny breezy days are best for drying bedding outside.

  2. Tools of the trade

    Make sure you have everything you need and take your tools with you as you move from room to room. Keep your sprays, bottles and dusters together in a bucket or, better yet, in an apron with pockets. This will stop unnecessary trips around the house and footprints across a freshly mopped floor when you need to retrieve a duster.

  3. Make a list

    Create a list of everything you need to tackle. This will ensure nothing is missed and you’ll have the satisfaction of ticking off jobs as you go. Include everything from the front door and garage to the inside of your car and even lampshades. Don’t forget the small jobs; this is great opportunity to sanitize the phone, remote controls, light switches and door knobs.

  4. Stay on track

    Take inspiration from the professionals: don’t get distracted. To stay focused, set a timer and work solidly until it rings. Get help, put on some music and give yourself a deadline. Invite friends over for meal and you’ll have a goal to work towards.

  5. Zones

    Work systematically, each room will need a different strategy. Don’t make more trips than you have to. If you’re cleaning the sink, complete the task at hand. This means polishing the taps, cleaning the porcelain, getting a streak free finish on the mirror and cleaning out the wall cabinet before moving onto the next job.

  6. Top down

    Start at the highest point in each room and work your way down, finishing with the floor. It’s the most efficient way to capture dust. It’s also a good strategy for tackling jobs in the house, start upstairs and work your way down to the kitchen.

  7. Natural

    If you’re looking for a chemical-free clean, then there are natural alternatives to a number of household essentials. Vinegar can be used to make taps sparkle, de-scale the kettle, remove water marks on shower screens and, with the help of some old newspapers, it’ll make windows gleam.

  8. Leave the dirtiest jobs till last

    This includes cleaning the oven and hob, emptying and cleaning the fridge and de-crumbing the toaster. It can be tempting to get stuck into the messiest tasks first, but leaving these until last can stop you moving dirt around the house.

  9. Get creative

    A little inventive thinking can make cleaning and dusting a little easier. Why not try using a lint roller on your lampshades? Wearing damp rubber gloves will help you pick up pet hair and popping an old pair of socks over your hands is a great way to tackle blinds and banisters.

  10. Keep it cleaner for longer

    Once your cleaning is done, you’ll want to keep the place looking spick and span for as long as possible and a few simple steps will help keep dirt at bay. Place a doormat at the front and back doors and remove your shoes when you come in. Keep shower curtains closed, this will help them to dry faster and should reduce mildew. Pop a non-stick liner in the oven to reduce the need for scrubbing when you next come to clean it.

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