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Get in shape for your wedding

So the proposal’s over and the venue’s booked. Wedding plans are all you can think about and you’ve tried so many varieties of wedding cake that you could scream. While sampling goodies for your wedding and heightened stress levels can lead to weight gain, it’s easy enough to get in shape before your big day.

Whether you choose to shape up with or without your partner, make sure they understand how important losing weight and toning up is to you. This way they won’t try to tempt you with your favourite dessert or another glass of wine.

One thing to remember is that if you’ve already bought your outfit, it may need adjusting if you lose weight, so don’t forget to schedule in some final alterations before your wedding.

Be realistic

If your wedding is in ten days, you’re not going to be able to lose half a stone in a healthy way. You should only aim for one to two pounds a week, so work out how many weeks you have left before your big day and decide if it’s possible.

Be sensible

Crash diets don’t work. You may lose weight quickly, but it’ll all pile back on the minute you stop restricting your food. A lack of essential vitamins could also make you tired and lead to bad skin - not something you want when you’re getting married.

Get motivated

Sign up for a race to give you a goal. The best time for the race is probably a month before your wedding, so you have plenty of time to recover afterwards. There are plenty of 10k races around the country, plus 5k Races for Life if you think running ten metres might be your limit.

Try something new

See what classes your local gym offers and find one you fancy. With the new Zumba trend sweeping the nation you could try this new dance workout, or stick to an old favourite like Pilates or a step class. Sign up to some personal training sessions to keep you motivated and keep track of your progress.

Go online

With apps like My Fitness Pal allowing you to track your diet on the move and online fitness programmes like Aptitude Fitness letting you exercise in your own time, there’s no excuse not to get healthy. Record your calories in and out and start fighting the flab.

Involve your partner

Even if your partner isn’t interested in joining you on your health regime, get them to help you by choosing healthier ingredients when they shop and supporting you with your programme. If they’re happy to join you then so much the better as it’s easier to tone up and lose weight with a friend.

Ban the booze

Cutting back on alcohol in the lead up to your wedding has many benefits. Beer and wine are full of calories, so drinking less will help you to lose weight and you’ll save money. It’s also better for your skin and liver. There’ll be plenty of opportunities to be merry at your wedding, so ditch the drink and reap the rewards.

Park the car

Summer’s on its way and being stuck in a traffic jam in the heat just isn’t nice. If you can, walk to work - you’ll save money as well. Walk down stairs, rather than taking the lifts (if you’re feeling fit you could also walk upstairs) and try to keep active if you have a desk job.

Make a change

If exercise isn’t for you then changing your diet can help you to lose weight. Swap full fat ingredients for light or half-fat, grill or poach foods rather than fry them and increase your portions of fruit and vegetables. 

Stay healthy

If you are embarking on a diet or radical exercise programme, it’s important to keep healthy. Invest in some vitamin tablets and take one each day to make sure you’re getting your recommended daily allowance of each
essential vitamin.

How can John Lewis Wedding Insurance help?

A balanced diet and sensible exercise programme should help you to get fitter and healthier and make you more confident on your wedding day. Just in case you’re not as fit and healthy as you thought, John Lewis Wedding Insurance provides cover if you, your partner or close relative falls ill and you have to reschedule your wedding.

Wedding Insurance also provides financial protection if a supplier goes bankrupt or something happens to the wedding dress, wedding cake or wedding rings. Weddings can be covered both in the UK and abroad, if optional Overseas Cover is selected, and we also offer optional
Marquee Cover.

For further tips and advice, please see our quick guide (PDF).

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