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What to do if... you lose valuables abroad

Nothing is guaranteed to spoil a holiday like the loss of a valuable item like a wedding ring or a camera.

Having the right insurance cover gives you peace of mind when valuables get damaged or go missing abroad.

First steps

Contact your insurer immediately to report any lost, damaged or stolen items.

Contact the police

If your property has been stolen, you should immediately report the theft to the local police, as well as your hotel or tour operator.

The police should give you a case reference number which you'll need to give to your insurer in order to make your claim.

If you have Personal Possessions Cover included in your John Lewis Home Insurance, your personal possessions are covered for loss or damage anywhere in the world up to the limit shown in your Policy schedule.

Our Specialist Home Insurance covers all your personal belongings, including loss of personal money, anywhere in the world.

What happens next?

In the case of stolen items, make sure that the local police know how to contact you once you return home.

You'll need to inform your insurer of the value of the lost or stolen item, so look for any receipts and relevant documentation you have when you return home.

Don't start buying replacement items or paying for repairs until you've heard your insurer's decision about how they’ll settle your claim.

Putting things right

Depending on the value and nature of the items, your insurer will decide whether to repair or replace your lost, damaged or stolen property. If your valuables can't be repaired or replaced, then your insurer may decide to give you a cash settlement.

Preventative measures

We all want to be able to relax while on holiday, but it's always a good idea to take extra precautions with valuables while abroad.

If your valuables include family heirlooms, unusual or handmade jewellery or other expensive items, it's always a good idea to keep a record of ownership. Whether this is the original receipt, valuation certificate or even a photograph, it can help the insurer with settling your claim.

Your insurer might refuse your claim if it seems that you didn't take adequate precautions with your valuables - for example, if your camera was stolen from an unlocked hotel room.

Following a few simple rules can help you keep your valuables safe while you're abroad:

  • Take as few valuable items on holiday as you can.
  • Avoid attracting attention with jewellery and expensive accessories.
  • Use the hotel's safety deposit box or the safe in your room to store valuable items.
  • Don't wear watches or jewellery if you need to take them off, for example if you're going swimming at the beach. Leave them behind in your room safe or in the care of the hotel.
  • Never leave valuable items like cameras and camcorders unattended, for example on the beach or in a restaurant.

How John Lewis Insurance can help

If Personal Possessions Cover is included in your John Lewis Home Insurance policy, you’ll have peace of mind anywhere in the world. Check your Policy schedule to see if you have Personal Possessions Cover.

Find more about our Home Insurance cover now.

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