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Customer Stories

Mr Godbolt

John Lewis Home Insurance

This is the kind of story I read on websites and find unbelievable, but it happened to me. Over three days, I found myself dealing with my elderly mother’s insurance company when she was burgled, my wife's car insurer when her car was crashed into and then my motorbike insurer (following it's theft), combined with John Lewis Home Insurance for the bike pannier contents.

Quotation MarksBy far John Lewis excelled
in every area of the
customer experience.Quotation Marks

I had an uninvited opportunity to directly compare how four insurance companies handled claims.

By far John Lewis excelled in every area of the customer experience. Courteous, knowledgeable, responsive and quick to both make decisions and to communicate them. I bought their Home Insurance and their performance has guaranteed my car policies. I now realise that the real test as to how good your insurer is in how they manage your claim.

Mr Ritchie

John Lewis Home Insurance

I switched to John Lewis Home Insurance as my previous insurer kept jacking up the premiums. When my mountain bike was stolen I didn’t think I’d recover its full value as it was four years old. The claim handler at John Lewis Insurance was a cycling expert and was very efficient and knowledgeable - he took me through the options and helped me find this year’s equivalent bike from the same manufacturer.

Quotation MarksI have recommended John Lewis insurance to anyone that will listen ever since.Quotation Marks

I was even able to upgrade to a better model and just pay the difference - though this was not mandatory! All the accessories: lock, lights, panniers etc were replaced for brand new equivalent (or better) parts. The whole process from theft to delivery of the new bike took less than a fortnight and transformed what would have been a terrible situation.

I have recommended John Lewis insurance to anyone that will listen ever since.

Mr and Mrs Whiting

John Lewis Wedding Insurance

My wife and I were looking forward to our wedding and had all of our venues and necessities booked way in advance. Then disaster struck 19 days before our wedding day. The business responsible for our entire wedding reception had ceased trading. I am just thankful that we decided to take out John Lewis Wedding Insurance.

Quotation MarksWhat impressed me most about John Lewis is that they seemed to genuinely care.Quotation Marks

We were able to speak to someone out of normal working hours the night we found out and within one week our claim had been approved and after another week we received our payment to cover our expenses and pay our new wedding reception providers.

This was no small task - not only did we need to find and pay for a new reception venue but what we lost was a package which included the DJ, Food/Drink, Bouncy Castle, Balloons and photographer! All of which needed to be booked with other businesses and all of which John Lewis were willing to pay for as part of our claim.

What impressed me most about John Lewis is that they seemed to genuinely care about our needs.

Without the help of John Lewis our wedding would not have happened and considering how little I paid to take out this insurance in comparison to how much we had to claim I consider it one of the worthiest investments I have ever made. The decision to add this slight addition to your budget could be the most important - it certainly was in our case.

Mr Annis

John Lewis Travel Insurance

Whilst in the water section of a supermarket in Portugal, a group of three girls approached me and asked for my help lifting a heavy bottle down from a high shelf. While I was trying to read the labels of several bottles high up one girl obscured me from seeing her friends steal from my bag, which was in the trolley just behind me.

Quotation MarksWe trust in the name
John Lewis.Quotation Marks

I was carrying water so did not notice the missing camera until I was back at the hotel. Immediately I rushed as fast as a man of 75 years can, back to the store and insisted the manager call the police. The policeman was most helpful and they gave me a copy of the paper work for my John Lewis Travel Insurance claim.

The John Lewis Partners were extremely pleasant and facilitated everything very quickly. One of the reasons I went with John Lewis is because I buy most major items from your store (as does my family) and we trust in the name John Lewis.

Customer feedback updated March 2014. If you'd like to tell us about your claims experience, feedback here.