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It’s not a pleasant thing to think about, but thousands of pets go missing every year. But it is worth thinking about how you’d identify your pet if it wandered off, was lost or stolen. Collars and tags can help, but there is another way to make sure your pet’s identified: identity chipping or microchipping.

John Brady looks takes a look at the subject in detail.

"An engraved tag on a pet collar can easily be removed, but a microchip, on the other hand, is permanent, and links your pet up to a database so that they can be easily identified and returned to you.”

A good contents insurance policy is vital to cover your belongings in the home. But what about high value items? If you’re lucky enough to own valuables – from jewellery to antiques – you’ll want to make sure they’re covered. These are often treasured possessions that it’s hard for you to put a value on, but here’s how to make sure you’re covered for the cost of replacing them.

John Brady, Head of Commercial at John Lewis Insurance, answers your questions on how to insure your valuables.

With much of the country in a state of drought following two mild and dry winters, many of us are trying to survive with short showers and shallow baths. The recent rain in April and May, while a relief for gardeners, isn’t enough to fill the dangerously low reservoirs and rivers.

However, for homeowners brown grass could be the least of your worries. Dry weather and insufficient rainfall can also cause subsidence.

John Brady, Head of Commercial at John Lewis Insurance, discusses how subsidence could affect your home.

We all know that sometimes adverts don’t quite live up to reality. But if your dream holiday turns out to be more of a nightmare, having the right insurance can make all the difference.

John Brady, Head of Commercial at John Lewis Insurance, answers your questions on Holiday Dispute Assistance and explains how Travel Insurance can help if your holiday doesn’t go the way you’d planned.