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Car accessories

Forget nodding dogs, fluffy dice and tinted windows, there are plenty of ways to accessorise your car. New technology gives us a whole range of car accessories that not only look good, but are practical as well.

One of the most popular gimmicks at the moment is the celebrity Sat Nav, including a Top Gear version where Jeremy Clarkson directs you to your destination amid a constant stream of helpful abuse.

However, if being insulted by a TV presenter isn’t for you, our guide to some of the most useful gadgets for your car can help you to get the most out of your vehicle. You could even save time and money.

1.  Econav

If you want to save money and help the environment, then this new technology can help you to do both. Econav integrates with GPS, but chooses the most economical route, while also offering helpful driving advice to decrease your fuel consumption. This system will advise you which gear to drive in and the best speed, with car owners seeing savings of up to £200 in six months.

2.  Koolatron Kargo Cooler

As summer approaches, avoid the grim taste of a warm can of Coke with Koolatron’s portable cooler and enjoy a satisfying cold beverage. This mini fridge plugs into the cigarette lighter of your car and can be used for storing drinks and snacks on long journeys, or for keeping your shopping cool on the trip back from the supermarket.

3.  Tiny USB power adapter

The cigarette lighter is rapidly losing credence as a useful piece of in-car technology, especially with the rise of the USB. This tiny USB adapter fits snugly into your cigarette lighter allowing you to charge your iPod, mobile phone or camera as you drive. Its small size also stops it encroaching into your cup holder so you can charge your gadgets and have a coffee.

4.  AA Parking App

We’ve all been in a town or city we don’t know well faced with a choice of a £20 daily car parking fee or driving around until we find a cheaper car park miles away from where we’re going. The AA Parking App shows you parking spaces near you and also tells you how much it’ll cost you to park there. This app is available from the App Store and costs just £1.99.

5.  Digital tyre inflator

Faffing with tyre pressure at a petrol station is a pain, but with your own tyre inflator you can save time and money. Connect it to your car’s cigarette lighter, attach the air hose to your tyres and select the desired tyre pressure. This device will inflate your tyre, cutting out as soon as the right tyre pressure is reached. This gadget also has emergency lights, plus several adaptors so it can be used with other inflatable devices.

About John Lewis Car Insurance

Car accessories range from purely decorative and pointless stickers to useful safety devices. Whether you’ve chosen pretty or practical devices, it’s important to protect them from theft or damage. With John Lewis Car Insurance all personal belongings are covered up to £250 if they are stolen or destroyed.

John Lewis also rewards careful drivers with a No Claims Discount of up to 75% so if you’re a gadget geek it’s definitely worth investing in ones which improve your driving.

With our Car Insurance policy you’re also automatically covered for up to 90 days of driving in Europe, with the option to buy European Breakdown Cover, so why not try out the feature on your Sat Nav? If you have an accident, we’ll also give you a courtesy car while your car is off the road so your life can carry on as normal.

For further tips and advice, please see our quick guide (PDF).

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