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Family travel

A family holiday is a great way to spend some quality time with your loved ones. And if you’re driving some, or all of the way, a little planning will help you enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

From safety checks to in-car entertainment, our five easy tips will help keep you on the right track when driving abroad with your family.

1. Good car maintenance
If you’re mainly travelling by car, it must be in good condition for the long journey. Make sure all oil and water levels are correct, or get your car serviced before setting off. In case you do break down, John Lewis Car Insurance can get you back on the road with our optional European Rescue Breakdown Insurance.

2. Secure your car
Car insurance will protect you and your family in case you have an accident while abroad. John Lewis Car Insurance ensures you have the same level of cover abroad as you would at home, including protection against:         

  • Broken windscreen or windows
  • Losing your car keys
  • Damage to the car
  • Personal injury
  • Fire or theft
  • Third party liability

3. Keep the family entertained
Long car journeys can get boring for younger travellers, so try to brighten up the trip with family car games. I-Spy or memory games are traditional fun, but you can also take along colouring books, audio books or miniature board games to play.

Portable media devices are perfect for watching films on long car journeys – and thankfully these valuable items will be covered against theft up to £250 with your John Lewis Car Insurance policy.*

4. Break up the journey
A good holiday can be about the journey, not just the destination. Take regular stops along the route so that family members can stretch their legs, burn off some energy and stock up on refreshments. Plan your journey well and you can stop off in interesting towns along the way rather than limiting yourself to endless service stations.

5. Get everyone involved
If your children are part of the holiday planning process, it could make the journey a bit easier. Perhaps they could pick a town to stop at along the way, or choose an activity for the family to do? You can even teach them how to map read, give them navigation duties or encourage them to practice a foreign language during the holiday so the time away becomes a more enjoyable for everyone.

How can John Lewis Insurance help?

John Lewis Car Insurance comes with 90 days cover in Europe as standard and you can buy optional Breakdown Cover for Europe too.

Plus, John Lewis Travel Insurance offers wide-ranging cover for holidays in the UK and abroad.

For further tips and advice, please see our quick guide (PDF).

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