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Pet insurance providers

Choosing Pet Insurance isn’t always easy, as all insurers offer something different for your animal. Each provider insures different pets, different ages and there are so many conditions to meet that it can seem a daunting task.

However, more often than not, if you shop around you can find a much better Pet Insurance deal, which is more suitable for your furry friends.

Some pet owners may be less interested in complementary therapies, whereas the owner of a purebred Labrador puppy may be very concerned about dog thieves.

1.  A dog is a dog is a dog

When you’re looking for an insurer, make sure they insure your pet. John Lewis Pet Insurance only provides cover for dogs and cats, so if you have a pet reptile, amphibian or bird, you may need to find an insurer that specialises in exotic pets.

2.  The animals came in two by two

If you own more than one animal, you may be able to get a discount for multiple pets. It’s worth speaking to your insurer to see if this is possible and if it applies to pets of the same breed or not.

3.  How old is that in cat years?

Most insurers will provide cover for your pet when they’re small, but it’s important to find out if they will continue to insure your pet when it gets older. John Lewis Insurance accepts puppies and kittens from just eight weeks of age and provides long term pet cover as long as your policy is renewed and your premiums are paid.

4.  Cheep like the budgie

Remember that the cheapest pet insurance may not be the most comprehensive, so check that everything you want for your pet is covered. Compile a list of the most important criteria for your pet and compare the pet insurance price when all of these conditions are included.

5.  Meerkat market

There are usually promotions on pet insurance, particularly if you buy online. Don’t be easily swayed by a gimmick or benefit that probably won’t be better for your pet in the long run.

John Lewis Pet Insurance

When it comes to providing high-quality pet care, John Lewis Pet Insurance offers long-term pet cover for cats and dogs as long as your policy is renewed and your premiums are paid.

If your pet is taken ill or is injured in an accident, you will be entitled to up to £12,000 of medical costs to ensure that your pet receives the best possible care, as long as your policy is renewed and your premiums are paid.

If your vet is set up to take our payments, we can pay them directly so you don’t have to worry about bills and can spend more time taking care of your pet.

For further tips and advice, please see our quick guide (PDF).

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