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Pet toys

Playing with your pet can be great fun, especially if you have an energetic dog or cat. Pet play is not only good exercise for your dog or cat, but can also be educational and help you bond with your pet.

There are hundreds of pet toys on the market, ranging from the traditional ball to technological all-singing, all-dancing gadgets that amaze us far more than our animals.

To help you enjoy playtime with your pet, we’ve compiled a list of five dog toys and five cat toys that you and your pet can play with.

Doggy delights

1. Gazillion Dog Bubble Machine

Dogs love bubbles - chasing them, popping them and eating them. Give your dog a bubbletastic experience with this bubble machine that makes hundreds of bubbles for your dog to play with. You can even get bacon and chicken flavoured bubbles to make your dog even more excited.

2. Jog a Dog Treadmill

If you have a busy schedule and aren’t able to walk your dog as often as you like, or your dog doesn’t like walking in the rain, then this is the answer. The Jog a Dog treadmill comes in several sizes for different breeds of dog and has adjustable settings for climate, speed, incline and time.

3. Hyperdog 4-Ball Launcher

Fetch is a popular game with dogs, but throwing balls can be bad for your shoulder and picking up saliva-coated balls isn’t particularly nice. The Hyperdog 4-Ball Launcher prevents both of these problems, allowing you to throw balls over 220 feet. You can also pick balls up from the ground using the launcher pouch.

4. Kong

Dogs love to chew, but if they chew the wrong things it can wear down and damage their teeth. The Kong is a rubber toy that can be filled with peanut butter, bananas or other tasty treats for your dog. The dog then licks, chews and bites the Kong to try and get the filling out. Alternatively it can be used empty as a bouncy fetch toy.

5. Hide a Squirrel

A thinking toy for dogs, you place the squirrels in the plush tree and your dog removes them. This toy not only combats boredom, but also helps your dog to improve their problem-solving skills. This toy is also available in Hide a Bee and extra large versions.

Cat curiosities

1. Cat Scratch

Give your cat a new toy and stop them from ruining your furniture. The Cat Scratch is a scratching pad shaped like a turntable, so that your cat can get down with it whilst scratching. The turntable’s deck spins as the cat scratches the mat and comes with a posable tone arm. This scratching toy guarantees to provide amusement for both you and your cat.

2. Catit Design Senses Play Circuit

The Catit Design Senses range is designed to target your cat’s senses and the play circuit focuses on sight, sound and touch, while appealing to a cat’s hunting instinct. The circuit contains a small flashing ball that whizzes around when pushed by the cat. Other products include a massage centre and food maze.

3. FroliCat BOLT Interactive Laser Pet Toy

A simple, but brilliant cat toy, the FroliCat laser toy is programmed to move around, while your cat chases it along the floor, up the wall and over the table. If you prefer, you can operate it manually, making your cat run around trying to catch the laser. This toy also comes with a mirror so you can deflect the laser elsewhere.

4. Feline Frolics DVD

If your cats are left to fend for themselves for long periods of time, then Feline Frolics could be the answer. Leave on loop while you’re away and leave your cats enthralled by a screen full of birds, fish and butterflies, plus cats playing with string. Many cats will paw at the screen and try to catch the on-screen ‘prey’.

5. Cat trees

Cats love to climb and explore, especially from the highest point they can find. Cat trees provide your cats with a climbing frame in your home, keeping them out of (more) mischief. There are hundreds of different varieties, but most cat trees include scratching posts, beds and toys, also helping to protect your furniture from wayward claws.

How can John Lewis Pet Insurance help?

However much your pet likes to play, it’s important that they get enough exercise to stay healthy. In case your pet does become ill, John Lewis Pet Insurance provides cover for your pet from the age of just eight weeks old.

There’s also no need to worry about high vet fees as we provide up to £12,000 towards medical costs each year of your policy, as long as your policy is renewed and your premiums are paid. You can also arrange for us to pay the vet directly, provided that they are set up to receive our payments.

For further tips and advice, please see our quick guide (PDF).

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