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Choosing a wedding suit

Finding a wedding suit can be a confusing business. Before you even think about hitting the shops, it’s a good idea to have some idea of what you want to wear. You might just want to get this bit over with, but remember that an ill-fitting or old-fashioned suit can make or break how you feel on your big day. And haunt you forever in your wedding photos!

So here are our top tips to help you find the suit that really suits you.

1) Set your budget

First things first: decide how much you’d like to spend. You might have an idea of how much a wedding suit will cost, but you might need to consider other members of the wedding party. If you’re expecting them to buy their own suits, don’t force them into paying out for an expensive trip to the tailors if they can’t afford it.

2) Hire or buy?

Hiring a wedding suit does of course come in cheaper than buying one, so it’s a tempting choice if you’re on a limited budget. But a good suit will last for years and you can wear it to other people’s weddings afterwards, so weigh up whether it’s worth investing a bit more cash.

3) Find something for everyone

If you’re thinking about a matching theme, then do consider everyone’s shape, size and style. You might feel comfortable in top hat and tails or a kilt, but how will a more shy and retiring member of the wedding party feel? It’s important that they all look and feel their best, too.

4) Know your cuts and styles

Here are some terms you might be baffled by when you go wedding suit shopping:

Dinner suit: This is the sort of tuxedo jacket you’d wear for a ‘black tie’ event – it’s usually single-breasted, and rarely buttoned up.

Tailcoat: A style of jacket that’s short at the front, but longer at the back and can be worn with or without an accompanying top hat.

Three-quarter length jacket: Also called a Prince Edward jacket, this is a modern alternative to tails. The hem falls between your waist and knee, although this is best avoided if you’re shorter.

5) Look to the catwalk

Shop around for key trends in wedding suits at the moment. Grey, navy and black are popular colours, often mixed with splashes of colour such as a pink or purple shirt, tie or waistcoat. Double cuffs on shirts are fashionable and you could go for a bit of sparkle on the cufflinks. Trousers are straight and if you have the right build for it, slightly tapered.

6) Try on designer…

Even if your budget doesn’t stretch anywhere near a high-end suit, do go and have a look at some designer styles to get inspiration. If you really hate shopping, enlist a friend to do some research for you.

7) …Then hit the high street

Once you’ve got an idea of what’s in fashion and how designer labels look, take the ideas and shop around. Many high street stores do great styles that are inspired by what’s on the catwalk – at a fraction of the price.

8) Don’t forget the accessories

Finishing touches such as the shirt, shoes and cufflinks can give even the plainest suit an original twist. They’re worth investing in because they may also be something you can wear again and again and be reminded of your big day.

9) Wear it again

Your wedding suit is a souvenir of your special day, but don’t just leave it in the wardrobe. Get it dry cleaned straight after the wedding and wear it again with pride.

How can John Lewis Wedding Insurance help?

If you’re investing in a new suit, or decide to hire one, it’s reassuring to know that John Lewis Wedding Insurance could cover it against loss or damage. We offer variable levels of cover, so you can choose the right amount of cover to give you peace of mind on your big day.

For further tips and advice, please see our quick guide (PDF).

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